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Kalamazoo College Library - Open Libraries Collection

Kalamazoo College is a premier liberal arts institution and one of the nation’s 100 oldest colleges and universities. K was founded by visionary Baptists in 1833 as The Michigan and Huron Institute.

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xiii, 236 pages : 22 cm
Topics: Women -- Afghanistan -- Social conditions, Women's rights -- Afghanistan, Women -- Social...
xxx, 641 pages : 27 cm +
Topics: World Trade Organization -- Handbooks, manuals, etc, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade...
xv, 267 pages : 24 cm
Topics: Teaching -- Psychological aspects, Learning, Psychology of, Educational psychology, Enseignement --...
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- Sampson, Gary P; Chambers, W. Bradnee
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Includes bibliographical references and index
Topics: World Trade Organization, Organisation mondiale du commerce, World Trade Organization, World Trade...
viii, 194 pages ; 24 cm +
Topics: Social sciences -- Data processing, Digital humanities, Sciences sociales -- Informatique, Sciences...
xvii, 393 pages : 26 cm
Topics: Religions, Religions, Godsdiensten, Moderniteit, Religiões, Aufsatzsammlung, Einführung, Neue...
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Includes index
Topics: Genocide, History, Modern, Crimes against humanity, Ethnic relations, International relations, War...